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Montebello Performing Arts Center is a dance studio dedicated to the cultivation of passion through the art of dance. It is our goal to inspire dedication, determination, and discpline - attributes that will not only help our students progress in every class that they take, but are life lessons that they can carry through out their life into adult-hood. We hope to impress upon our students that age old saying of "where there is a will there is a way", and that they can accomplish anything with a little determination and hard work. 

Although, there are several different types of classes that we offer which can focus on body strength, flexibility, musicality or rhthym the fundamental idea for all our classes are the same: that each and every student should never feel that "I can't" feeling. 

Each style of class has a set syllabus for each semester designed to prepare our students for the next level. Having a clear syllabus, gives each student a clear view of goals that can be accomplished in order to catapult them to the next level. "Knowledge is Power", and having clear knowledge of what is expected of them, encourages discipline and enables students to make attainable goals, that inspire hard work! 


Pre-School : ages  3-4

Jr. Superstars : ages 5-7 * no previous experience

Jr. Allstars : ages 6+ * 1-2 years experience

Jr. Elite : ages 7+ * 2-3 years experience

Teen Superstars : ages 11+ * no previous experience

Teen Allstars : ages 12+ * 1-2 years experience 

Teen Elite : ages 13+ *3-4 years experience










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